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Scholarship Student, Maribel


Maribel Najera is one of the hard-working Ix-canaan Scholarship students. Her education is being funded by Print Audit of Calgary, Alberta, whose generosity allowed her to graduate from High School last year. She is now enrolled in the first year of an excellent Business Administration Program.


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Scholarship Students


Dr. Brad Krusky, leader of the Dentistry for All team, poses with two of our scholarship students … from the left, Darling Patricia Mejia Ramirez, Brad, Rosa Magali Tut Mejia and myself. We thank the Dentistry for All team for being one of our major donors to support this program.


These two scholarship students, Prisma Hernandez Garcia and Juana Melendez Soberano, have been with the Ix-canaan Scholarship Program since they began studying grade 1. They are now studying at the Grade 7 level at a new upgrading school here in the village.

These 4 students, and another 4, are under the umbrella of the general scholarship fund which is funded by a variety of people who give what they want to this general fund. You can also choose to support a specific student for her entire scholastic career which costs $600 for the first year, and goes up every year that they stay in school.

This program began as a program specifically for women of the community who were unable to complete their schooling as children, but has since expanded to include some girls who were unable to pay for their basic junior high school education at the NUFED school. Educating the women of the families has been shown to raise the socio-economic level rapidly and effectively.

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Saira Graduates


Saira has been one of our Scholarship Students for the last 3 years. She entered the program at the beginning of grade 7 as the young mother of 3 school aged children, and at the end of December, 2011, she proudly graduated from Junior High School. Saira had been forced to leave school at the end of grade 6 like most of the village girls her age … not only was there not enough money to afford it, but there was no grade 7 here in the village, and she would have been forced to travel to another village every day, a situation that was not tenable in those years. She had given up all hope of continuing her education until funds became available through the Project Ix-canaan Scholarship Fund. She has been so motivated by her academic success, that this year Saira, on her own initiative, entered Grade 10 Teachers Program in the new I.N.E.D. Academy, a public high school that has just opened here in the village. She is in the same class as her oldest daughter, and they are excitedly planning to graduate together as teachers in 2014. A dream come true and a life radically changed directions … thanks to all the donators to the Project Ix-canaan Scholarship Fund.

It is no secret that educating women raises their self-esteem and improves the life of the entire family. Please help the women and the social development of a village by donating to the Ix-canaan Scholarship Fund. 100% of donated monies goes to the women’s educations. Our program is personalized and you will be able to follow the lives of the women that you are supporting. Canadian donators will receive a registered Tax Receipt. Click on “Donate” for more information.

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Deymy Graduates


Scholarship student Deymy is proud and happy to have graduated last week from her Grade 12 Business Course.


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Mayra Regains Her Sight


BIG THANKS to Ken McNeil of Calgary, Alberta for his very generous donation to cover all expenses so Mayra can regain her sight. Mayra is one of the Ix-canaan Scholarship Students … this year, she was registered to enter 2nd year University, where she is studying to become a teacher. Late in 2010, she lost her vision … first in the right eye, and then in the left. A small donation from friends helped her to have a new lens put into her right eye last year, but it was rejected, and she learned that she would need a new cornea in each eye in order to see again.


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