Here’s Tootsie!

Meet Tootsie!!  Tootsie is  the very first adoptee in our Adopt-a-Tree-Baby Program.   She is a baby Ramon tree … a tree that was very important to the Mayans, since the acorn-like seed was ground up and used as a “maza” to make tortillas or cakes.  It is incredibly healthy, and I have written about it before here …. and here ….

Here is where Tootsie was born and lived for the two years, with her brothers and sisters.  Her seed was dropped from the trees above (none of which are ramon trees) by the murcielagos (bats) that love the fruit that encases the seed like a “fruit leather”.  They pluck the seeds from the trees when they are flying in the night, and bring them back to their “roost” to eat and drop the seeds below.

Tootsie has now been transferred to her new home on land where she will be watched and tended as she grows and becomes a productive part of the rainforest, giving more fruit for the birds and bats, and more seeds for regeneration and nutrition.  Within a few days, a plaque with the name of her and her adopting parent, who we invite to come and visit, will be placed by her base.

If you look closely, you can see her new spot in the lower right corner where she gets ample sunshine along with protection from the elements.  As she grows, she will be part of a JUNGLE GARDEN of trees that supply food for community use.

If you are interested in supporting JUNGLECULTURE, then adopt your own Tree-Baby or give one as a living, loving gift that will never become clutter.

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