Another Day in the Jungle


A Library Donation


Lots of THANKS to Katie and Emily, who were only in Guatemala for a few days, but took the time to bring a suitcase full of art supplies, toys and a variety of useful library materials up to Project Ix-canaan and spent the afternoon at the library.

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Donation of Books


When Marla Grossman of Salmon Arm, British Columbia, decided to work as a volunteer with Kindness in Action on their annual trip to Guatemala, she contacted me to ask what was most needed for Project Ix-canaan. She then went about filling the entire list!! Marla brought with her a huge selection of excellent Spanish literature, including the entire Harry Potter series!! She also brought several boxes of eye meds. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, MARLA … your generosity will be appreciated by a whole generation of local children!!

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Another Computer Donated


BIG THANKS to Dra. Aracely Avendaño, the architect who is in charge of the construction of the very first MUSEO DE LA CULTURA MUNDO MAYA, now being built in TAYASAL, Peten, who contacted us to pass by her office in Flores, so she could present us with a new computer for the Ix-canaan Computer Center. It will be put right to use with the large classes of students who use the computer facilities.

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Donation of ESL Supplies


We would like to send a THANK YOU to Susan Ellis, an ESL teacher in Calgary, Alberta, for the donation of the big box of ESL supplies that just arrived in today’s mail. We are looking forward to seeing Susan and other ESL teachers come to volunteer to teach English here at Project Ix-canaan. The study of English is very important to the local people, since a working knowledge of a second language, especially English, will raise the possibilities of work for them, as well as their pay level.

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Mayra Regains Her Sight


BIG THANKS to Ken McNeil of Calgary, Alberta for his very generous donation to cover all expenses so Mayra can regain her sight. Mayra is one of the Ix-canaan Scholarship Students … this year, she was registered to enter 2nd year University, where she is studying to become a teacher. Late in 2010, she lost her vision … first in the right eye, and then in the left. A small donation from friends helped her to have a new lens put into her right eye last year, but it was rejected, and she learned that she would need a new cornea in each eye in order to see again.


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