You, too, can support health, education and/or opportunity in the rainforests of Guatemala.  

We value your help and would love to share our world with you!

If you are interested in volunteeringplease contact Globe Aware for specific information

or e-mail Globe Aware at




The Ix-Canaan Clinic, laboratory and pharmacy is available for  Health Professionals to practice their specialty.  This could be doctors, nurses, midwives, acupuncturists, massage therapists, pharmacists, dentists, optometrists or professionals practicing any other healing modality.  

Level of Spanish required: Intermediate to Advanced (a translator is available to hire by the day for those whose Spanish skills are not sufficient)

STUDENT GROUPS (Spring-Break, Pre-Med, Nursing, General Studies):

Project Ix-Canaan tailors specific programs, based on understanding the challenges of rural jungle living (health, education, home life),  for groups of students who want to expand their horizons.  These programs are a balance of Ecological, Archeological and Social experiences that will include:
– working on various health programs through the Ix-Canaan Clinic/Lab, like the Diabetes Program, a Well-Baby Clinic, or the Distillation of Essential Oils Program.
– an herb walk and demonstration of healing arts with the local Mayan Healer / Midwife
– a visit to the area Puesto de Salud (Health Centre) to find out about government health programs

Time is allotted during the week for a day trip to Flores, combined with the Actun Kan Caves and the Zoo, and an afternoon experiencing the Ruta del Mono Canopy Tour, as well as a full day in Tikal.


Project Ix-Canaan has been working with Dentistry for All for the last several years and together, we are planning a long-term solution to the dental problems facing this area.  Interested Dental volunteers can contact Dentistry for All at http://www.dentistryforall.org/ to learn more about this valuable volunteer program and to apply to volunteer in Guatemala.  Level of Spanish required:  Beginner


At the Ix-Canaan Library, you can work with a group of 5 to 12 year old for 2 to 3 hour afternoon sessions that can include English, art work, music, games, reading, playground time, neighborhood cleanup, or any other activity that you would like to do with them. You would be working with Alex, who oversees library activities and Margo, a volunteer who lives here. Level of Spanish required: Beginner.

At the N.U.F.E.D. Academy, a technical institute for grades 7, 8 and 9, you can work with adolescents who are interested in learning a variety of life skills. You could teach English (the most important and most valued of all subjects), cooking, gardening, motorcycle repair, nail art, sports or whatever you love yourself. You would be working with the 4-person teaching staff of the school. Level of Spanish required: Intermediate (translator available to hire by the day if needed).

OR, you can develop a program to teach a favorite subject or craft to a group of whatever age you choose through the Ix-Canaan Library.


Work with one or all of the three Women’s Groups in the village to help them achieve their goals. Their main project is horticultural … Square Foot Gardening and their Forest Garden. Attend their meetings to understand more about the challenges they face and their proposals to meet these challenges. Level of Spanish required: Intermediate to Advanced


To develop a wedding and event center on current property!!


1.  Cement Floor Program:   Many of our neighbors have houses with dirt floors and small children who are repeatedly infected with parasites and diseases because they have no clean place to crawl and play.  You will work with the owner of the house to help him put in a 12 meter square cement floor in the area that he chooses.   The cost of each floor is $150 (which includes the hiring of a local cement worker to oversee the job).  The volunteer is welcome to fund and build as many floors as he is able.

2.  N.U.F.E.D. Academy, is under off-and-on construction … ask through Project Ix-Canaan when they are working on projects.

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  • Arbouche Camille says:

    My name is Camille Arbouche, I’m a 24-year-old nurse living in Belgium.
    I recently quit my job, and am looking for a volunteering opportunity in Central America.
    I have worked as a volunteer many times before : 1 month in Mali for an international volunteer camp, an internship in Laos, 3 months volunteering in an orphanage in Nepal in order to organize the sanitary system and take care of children’s health. I also developed my skills in childhood care (french name of the diploma is BAFA). I love sharing cultures and I love dealing with multicutural work, I do my best to understand and work with the cultural richness of wherever I find myself.
    I’m planning to stay for a long time in Central America, so I’m looking for a 6 month volunteering opportunity with food and accomodation are included. I’m a mature, serious and motivated person. I can offer to help as a nurse on your project.
    I have a good level in English and I’m a beginner in Spanish, but I’m working really hard to improve it, and doing good job 🙂
    If you are interested in welcoming me, I would be very happy to provide you with my resume, a cover letter and whatever other information you may require.
    I’m looking forward to hearing back from you soon,
    Camille Arbouche

  • Thilda Zorn says:

    Dear Anne! Hola, de Thilda, Casa Milagro, S.Cruz la Laguna.
    I am friend of Dina and Daryl, they sent you my information today or so..
    I just had a short look into your website, VER IMPRESSIV! Do you come tothe lake sometimes, I like to invote you to visit with me, at Casa Milagro and my personal home, dear Anne! Hasta Luego, from Thilda

  • Annabelle says:

    I volunteered one week with project ix-canaan.
    Right from the start I was warmly welcomed by Anne, the project founder.
    Most of the week I assisted the lovely volunteer Margo doing craft activities with the children in the library and also helping the women’s group work in their forest garden.
    Highly recommend checking-out project ix-canaan, whether it is for one day, a week or more they will receive you with open arms!
    Lovely community and awesome project.
    If you would like to hear any more about my experience you are welcome to e-mail me at annabelle_bb@hotmail.com

  • Julia Daining says:

    I am interested in volunteering in November and December. I am a certified teacher in the united states, and would love to work in education or with the women projects. Please contact me with more information and whether you need someone to work in either of those areas!

    Thank you,


  • K7t123 says:

    I am interested in your VOLUNTEER IN INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT and Project Ix-canaan as a volunteer. I am just starting my rn classes and am looking for an organization were I can learn more about the medical feild and see were Id like to specialize in. please let me know more information about these programs and other programs you feel I might be interested in

  • Veronica Lezaeta says:

    Hello: Really interesting information. I have been volunteering in Xela for Nuevos Horisontes since late Aug. 2012 and I am ready to discover other parts of this beautiful country. Please send me info. about volunteering with you. I can start in Jan. until March.
    Thank you

  • Akanksha says:


    I would like to volunteer with you this summer and I am interested in volunteering with the health projects. I am a student that will be entering medical school next year. I have had experience working with creating and implementing health camps, presentations, and networks with doctors for under-privileged children in India. I also have studied Spanish in grade school and college, can speak Spanish at an intermediate level, and am very willing to learn and improve my Spanish. Please let me know if you have any opportunities and how I can get involved. My email is baka.hoon.main@gmail.com

    Thank you

  • xochilt says:

    HOla, quiero saver si es posible hacer voluntario, construir casa algo asi. Me voy en flores muy temprano, en algunas dias ??cuanto cuestas? yo quiero hacerlo por mas o menos 2 semanas. Si se puede enviar me informacion, muchas gracias


  • Shea says:

    Hello! I am a recent college graduate looking for volunteer work with women’s health issues, integrative naturopathic medicine and or agricultural sustainability. If I can get more information on how to apply/ get in contact with a volunteer coordinator that would be wonderful. Your program seems to be exactly what I have been looking for.

    Hope to hear from you soon,


    • ixcanaan says:

      Hi Shea,

      Please send me an e-mail at anne@ixcanaan.com, with the following information:

      When do you intend to arrive?
      How long would you be available for volunteering?
      How is your Spanish?
      What are you interested in doing?

      Thanks and i look forward to hearing from you!

  • Sebastian Gutierrez says:

    Hi, Im from Bogotá Colombia. Now Im living in guatemala City Im Psichologyst and also Archeologyst I would like to help you . I really interested in the proyect . I apreciate any information that you can give to me of the voluntier program. I planning to go to el Peten during this week end.
    Tank you , I will waiting for the information.


  • ixcanaan says:

    Hi Anupama,

    You can e-mail me at anne@ixcanaan.com and we can discuss possibilities for the Alternative Break Program. We have been working with other universities with a great deal of success.


  • Anupama says:


    I am a Site Leader in the Colorado State University Alternative Break program. We are looking to add a trip focused on health issues, and I was hoping for some more information on your group volunteer opportunities.



  • DAhi says:

    Saludos Fraternales :.

    Requiero informacion para lo del voluntariado ya que me encuentro muy interesada, muchas gracias y buen camino.



  • drbob says:

    Great new website, Anne! The volunteering section is much more comprehensive and user friendly too. Glad that we can help with the Nufed upgrades and construction as well.
    Dr. Bob Dickson, FRIENDS OF IXCANAAN, Calgary, Alberta

  • Luis Hernandez says:

    Hola, como hago para comunicarme con ustedes? Quisiera averiguar mas sobre la posibilidad de hacer un voluntariado. Gracias.

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