To support the changes necessary, through Health, Education and Opportunity, to enable a people to become truly IX-CANAAN, (a Mayan word for “Guardians of the Rainforest”).



Project Ix-canaan is based in El Remate, Peten, Guatemala, a small lakeside community, located midway between the International Airport in Flores and the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal (30 km.)


- Project Ix-canaan began in August 1995 in a small lakeside building loaned by a local resident.
- In late 1996, Eduardo Cofiño purchased over 2 manzanas of land for ongoing development of Project Ix-canaan.
- In 1999, the funding for the present clinic building was donated by the Rice Millers Association of Guatemala, and the Grand Opening was held in February, 2000.
- In February of 2004, a new building to house the Ix-canaan Library & Computer Center was funded by Friends of Ix-canaan from Calgary, Alberta.
- In January of 2005, a group of village women, under the direction of Global Coalition for Peace, began learning techniques of Square Foot Gardening and composting, to improve general nutrition and to prepare to teach gardening in other villages.
- In 2007, Friends of Ix-canaan and the Wild Rose Foundation, under the coordination of the Ayudamos Foundation, funded the new Ix-canaan Women’s Center.
- In November of 2007, AGAT Labs of Calgary, Alberta funded a laboratory in the middle section of the Clinic Building where many basic tests can now be done to diagnose patients.


1. Medical Clinic, staffed by Dr. Enrique Chapeton, provides:
- Education in Health
- General Care and Treatment
- Minor Surgery

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2. Library & Computer Centre, through classes run by volunteers and local teachers alike, provides the community with:

– Information
- Education
- Communication

3. Ix-canaan Women’s Centre provides the opportunity for:
- Classes, workshops and seminars
- Group manufacture and sales of ecological rainforest products
- Celebrating, Dancing, Singing, Story Telling
- Family Development

4. Research Center
- Research into the value of the Seeds of the Trees of the Jungle
- Scientific Publications
- Marketing of Natural Resources

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  • Enrique Chapetón says:

    I like your website

  • Al Capone says:

    I subscribed myself.

  • Daniel says:

    Great job Anne. I look forward to hearing more about all the great things you are doing down there…

  • Ann & Darcy says:

    You are doing a amazing job. We are so proud of you mom. I have looked through all the pictures and was pleasantly surprised by all the great pictures of the family.We hope someday we will visit again.

  • recounted says:

    my partner and i completely have fun studying your blog. dont stop placing a superb excellent data!

  • michael layman says:

    my son and i are coming to your area for the solstice and we would like to bring you things you need. i learned of you through john m jenkins and deborah skye king.

    i saw a youtube interview with anne lawsing and she has inspired me to help. i planned to come to maya for a personel spiritual pilgramage, but it seems selfish to come down there and not bring gifts. i’m not abundant in liquid assets, but i want to buy some things you need and bring them to you.

    i am a carpenter and i want to help your cause while luke and i are in maya. we arrive in belieze mid dec will return to oregon mid jan.

    please let me know what we can bring and how we can help.


  • Marta Edgar says:

    Reconnecting again; hope all is well in El Remate.

  • Pam Chaplin says:

    The work of the Ix-Canaan project is making a difference
    In the lives of the children and women in El Remate.
    Having spent time with the children at the library
    this past week has made me smile and laugh.

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